in 2011, with gözde omay he has founded wounded wolf press to publish their own work for archival purposes. over the following years, it expanded from a private-press to an artist-run publishing house and record label hybrid. during the summer of 2017, with the contributions of efsun ecem üçkardeş he initiated tayga, a sub-publishing house focusing on a research of a digital publishing.

both projects run on a curatorial basis and design work is led by atay ilgün.

today, wounded wolf press and tayga are run by atay ilgün solely with frequent collaborators and acquaintances.

wounded wolf press

wounded wolf press publishes art in various forms such as chapbooks and handmade editions focusing on poetry, folklore and textural music along with additional prints and ephemera. wounded wolf press operates between london and ankara.

after it was founded in 2011, it functioned as a private-house for atay ilgün and gözde omay dedicated for their own work. solo projects of atay ilgün such as ashberry and treefingers, collaboration projects such as the hogweed and the aderyn (atay ilgün & gözde omay) and asphodel (atay ilgün & alper yıldırım) were a few of the releases.

around 2013 it was transformed to an artist-run publishing house and record label hybrid and eventually the array of eclecticism of works to be published widened. the short fiction debut of james vella, experimental poetry of aidan baker and a poetic personal study work angelystor by phil legard were amongst the first of these.

so far, the past colleagues include efsun ecem üçkardeş, alper yıldırım, onur kutluoğlu.


tayga* is an istanbul based publishing house found to explore the new ways of giving/experimental publishing through various editions and digital publications. a work highly influential in it’s founding is the first work published from tayga; meltem taymen’s onikidensonragüzelleşir, a collection of free form text. whilst wounded wolf press manifests itself in physical naturalism and earthly manifestations, tayga inhabits on an ever evolving ethereal plane. certain publications are digital only and are amorphous in context, space and language.

* a mountain covered with trees.